Greg Lutzka & Chaz Ortiz at 4 seasons skate park!

Earlier Last month we hosted a Demo/Best trick contest at 4 seasons park with the Midwest best, Greg Lutzka & Chaz Ortiz. Chaz broke his hand so he wasn't able to skate, but he still showed up and showed love! Check out the edit and keep out on the look out for more events.

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Pancho Pacheco is Pro for Grime Official


Grime Official's Bay Area shredder, Pancho Pacheco, is PRO!!

The dude has one of the most effortless styles, and though he may live in Arizona now, the guy reps SF likes it's his day job. 

His first pro model is a classic caricature of ghost riding the lowrider, while bumping Mac Dre. 

Shouts out to Pancho on going Pro!!

Check out the edit below.

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Corey Glick Rips Alongside Heavy List of Ams in "Am Scramble"
A heavy group of ams for Thrasher's 2017 Am Scramble Video. 

A heavy group of ams for Thrasher's 2017 Am Scramble Video. 


Hold on to your hats boys and girls because this one is a face melter!!  

So, what do you get when Thrasher throws 17 of the gnarliest ams in the world in a van and road trip across the country??? You get Thirteen minutes of pure carnage!! 

We can't forget to give it up to Chicago native, Corey Glick, for holding it down for the midwest. Let's just say, no rail went unscathed. 

Trust me you have time for this video. 

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"What's Important" is Good Vibes, Good Tunes and Better Skating


It's crusty. It's dusty. It's a must-see!! 

The Milwaukee homie Harry Reynolds invited a huge cast for his summer homie video, "What's Important." 

From Riverside High School to Betty Brinn, and even a couple of Esta-clips, Reynolds pulls some great music to compliment the raw skating at iconic MKE and Twin Cities spots. 

Peep the vid and make sure to give Harry a follow @burtreynolds.jpeg

Shouts out to the guys at for always keeping the scene moving in Milwaukee.

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RIP Minnesota legend C.J Tambornio

There is no easy way to say this. We are SO bummed to report that over the weekend the skate community and the world lost one of its greatest humans. No word on how he passed away has surfaced. The only reason we're writing this [with a heave heart] is because if you know him personally, PLEASE give his family our condolences. I don't care what you believe in, please pray to the skate gods to keep him peace!



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Neenah Skate Park Takes the Simple yet Effective Approach
A rendering for the new Neenah Skate Park. 

A rendering for the new Neenah Skate Park. 


For those that have never made the trip North on I-43 or I-41 in Wisconsin, the pockets of skate communities and their designated skateparks all have a unique culture. It's not the lurkers or the annoying ass scooter kids, but the skaters that literally skate every inch of a park over the short skate season. 

Whether its the the old pools converted into cement skateparks or the smattering of holy ramps and janky handrails, Neenah has finally accomplished what we've all been asking for...a simple street plaza.  

The City has replaced the wooden ramps with a smooth concrete slab. It almost feels like an episode of Oprah's favorite things, "You get a flat bar!! You get a buttery ledge!! You get a wavy ledge!! You get a gnarly brick quarterpipe!!" 

This is huge for Wisconsin's ever growing skate scene. Make a trip to the Valley to check out the newest addition.

Also, Make sure to check out the homies from OTC Skate Shop (Green Bay) and Surfin' Bird Skate Shop (Appleton) shredding the new Neenah setup below. 

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Alumni's Be Nice Should have you hyped


You know it's gonna be a good video when a ratchet chick shouts out your skate shop within the first 30 sec. The Alumni homies out of Madison are setting up for what looks like an extremely dope video.

Shot by filmer extraordinaire Ernie Flint (@madisonskateboarding), there are some laughs, some bails, some makes and some gnarly Midwest skate spots in the trailer for Alumni's upcoming video, "Be Nice."

There are some familiar faces including the boy wonder himself, Carter Oeflein, and what looks like one of those famous front crooks we love and know. 

Check out the trailer for Alumni's, "Be Nice," video, which is set to release next week!!  



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GBASO Grabs its Clippers in Support for Executive Director


How do I even start...He was the guy that had a dream. He was the guy that convinced a ragtag group of skate rats to shovel Lambeau Field in promises of an indoor skate park. He got the same skaters to make the 4.5 hour trek from Green Bay to Cable, WI to tear down ramps and later reassemble them in a warehouse on Green Bay's West side. 

Brian Schroeder created a community for the Green Bay skateboard scene as the non-profit Green Bay Action Sports Organization (GBASO). As a father, he provided the youth a safe environment to learn a creative outlet. As a fellow skateboarder, it was an opportunity for skaters to grow in a city that constantly shut the door on any advancement in the sport.  

After three years, hours of footage and thousands of bails, GBASO couldn't need to be anymore of a family as Brian has been diagnosed with brain cancer. 

GBASO is going bald alongside its executive director for its GBALDSO Game of Skate event July 8, 2017. 

Whether you can show up to the park and skate or make a donation, the GBASO family would gladly welcome the support. 

For more information visit the Facebook event page at

Check out the most recent edit from local rippers by filmmaker Kris Suster. 

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Tony Eagle is Taking Names and Cashing Checks


Don't Sweat the old dudes because Rob Owens is taking cash left-and-right!!

Whether its the double flips or the fact he can straight-8 in his sleep, Rob doesn't play when it comes to S.K.A.T.E.

Opponents should tread lightly as the homies Trace Thayer and Trenton Olson were the first blood on the "Tony eagle Summer Hit List Tour by Grime Official." 

Rob has called out some pretty big names for some pretty big cash. All he needs is the place and time and he'll be there. 

Follow his Instagram @milwaukeeog76 and witness the carnage. 

Finatik Boarders Wars Stop #5 Telulah Skate Park in Appleton
Winners circle: Chris Siani (3), Lj Falk (1), and Brandon Buchko (2)

Winners circle: Chris Siani (3), Lj Falk (1), and Brandon Buchko (2)


Just like a packed Honda Civic on a summer skate trip, the Finatik Boarder Wars contest is five deep and hot as hell!! 

Though the original Saturday contest was rained out, it was no match for riders as they stacked points at Telulah Skatepark in Appleton, WI on Sunday June, 5. 

The Valley has been a breeding ground for talent over the past few years and it showed. The winners were:

First Place: LJ Falk

Second Place & Best Trick: Brandon Buchko

Third Place: Chris Siani

Shouts out to Surfin' Bird Skateshop for offering up a CRAP TON of product for best trick contest and product toss. 

With only two stops left, there is plenty of time to stack points and take home that W.

Stop #6 is only two weeks away at Janesville Skate Park on June 24th.