From Shredder Pizza Guy to Full-Time Skate Dad, Alex Barnett Still Skates Appleton Like it’s His Day Job


There is meeting somebody for the first time, and then there is REALLY meeting somebody. It’s not the handshake, or that awkward you go in for a five and they go in for a pound situation.

Sometimes that first experience is scary, like watching that chill dude at the park utterly freakout in what looks like a 3-year-old’s tantrum, screaming expletives at the top of their lungs while throwing their board across the park.

Other times it’s that 4 a.m. McDonald’s stop to order 100 chicken nuggets on the way back from a skate trip.

Skateboarding is not skateboarding, without the homies…it’s a proven fact. So, when you really get to know thy fellow skateboarder, it makes every session after that so much better.

I think the first time I really got to know Alex Barnett was back in 2012. I had just moved to Milwaukee for my Freshman year of college, and I didn’t know many skaters. At the time, he was my fellow Surfin’ Bird teammate, and Appleton homie. Though I didn’t skate to the caliber he did, Barnett welcomed me to sesh and even let me kick it at his apartment above a Chinese restaurant.

Though I had plenty of sessions with Barnett, I think when I really met him was when I seemingly thought Fleischman’s and Kool-Aid was my drink of choice. I just so happened to order Toppers at 3 a.m., as I occasionally do, and guess who shows up to my dorm…Alex Barnett.

That night sticks out so much in my head because even in my most inebriated state he was so hyped to see me. Even on the job, dealing with my drunk ass that early in the morning he was simply stoked as he always was. I slurred some words, I gave him a college-salary tip, and we shook up. Eight hours later we were skating Estabrook.

Even after watching him go through a skaterboarder’s worst nightmare with a torn ACL, he kept the positive vibes afloat.

It’s been dope to witness Barnett go from ripper park hippie, to shredder pizza guy, to full-time working skate dad. I caught up with the Appleton native to see what he’s been up to.


Hey dude what’s up? I saw you had your lawn mowing hat on today. 


Yeah man just making some extra cash when I can. Did 6 yards for $25 a pop, so I got like $150.


Damn dude straight hustling!! I’ve seen you’ve been killing Telulah lately...I guess the real question is, how’s the scooter situation?


Haha!! I never really had a problem with scooters. The way I look at it is whenever I’m skating a park, I’d rather have more people than less. I like the idea swerving and dodging and it makes it fun because you have to skate the park different then if you had it by yourself. Appleton’s a big circle anyway, I love the park but that’s the bummer. You drop in hit the hip come up the ramp or up the step up hit the quarterpipe, decide whether or not you want to go down the rail or hit the quarterpipe and hit the five stairs. Lowkey was going to say I’d rather go to Menasha.


Haha!! Dude that’s so funny because I was just going to ask if you still went there. I remember the first time skating with you there for the Appleton Surf’ opening and you were killing it.


Yeah dude love Menashsa. With the homies, it’s always a 50/50 split because some people are like, “Let’s go to Appleton,” and the rest of us are saying, “Let’s go to Menasha.”


Haha!! I totally feel you on that. All indecisive and nobody knows what to do. So, I saw you had a baby girl, congratulations.


Thanks man! Her name is London, but we’ve been calling her "Dunners" recently.


So how is the dad life treating you? I guess you’ve been finding time to skate.


Blessed!! The way I look at the dad life, especially with skateboarding that not many other dads have is because I tore my ACL. So, I’ve been off for a year/year and a half type deal, and I know what skateboarding is like outside of skating. Even before I had the baby girl, I was content with being at the level of skating that I was at, and even before I tore my ACL. So, now that I’m a dad I only get to go three or four times during the week and I only get maybe an hour and a half. So, when I get to the park it’s like, “Ok, what am I gonna do?”


Almost like it’s a mission.


Time is more like a clock, “tick tick tick tick.” So, you know I show up to the park I’m like, “I only have an hour,” and Dave (Witt) will be like, “You need more time!”


Haha! For sure dude.


Dude its awesome, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Alex Barnett is sponsored by Finatik Clothing and Surfin’ Bird Skate Shop. Check out his Beeramid Re-Edit Below.

Pyramid Country Slays in "Love and Gratitude"
Dave Engerer pushes a mean Front Board through a kinky rail. 

Dave Engerer pushes a mean Front Board through a kinky rail. 


HOLY S***!! The Pyramid Country homies have been slaying AZ for a minute now, and whether its the acid-induced b-roll or the complete back-hand to "normal skate tricks," they've been killing the game. They've invited some Midwest rippers along for their newest video, "Love and Gratitude." 

Michigan natives, Tyler Franz and Dave Engerer have full parts, along with Jack Olson (MN), Erick Switzer (WI) and Josh Oakes (WI) getting a shoutout for additional film credit.

Make sure to check out "Love and Gratitude," you will not be disappointed.  



Red Bull Ams Shred in Wingin' It in Detroit
Jamie Foy Kickflipping into some gnarly Detroit DIY as his homie watches. 

Jamie Foy Kickflipping into some gnarly Detroit DIY as his homie watches. 


In the words of Jamie Foy, "The cops don't mess with you out here. This is Detroit—they got worse problems to deal with!" 

The Red Bull Ams got to sample some of Detroit's many DIY spots before taking it to the Hart Lines course in this Red Bull/Berrics special. 

Follow CJ Collins, Zion Wright, Alex Midler, Jamie Foy, and Jagger Eaton shredding the Midwest. 

Finatik Presents: Boarder Wars Stop #4 @Asylum Skatepark


A trip to Cali is right around the corner, as Finatik's Border Wars heads back to Illinois to take over Asylum Skatepark in its fourth part of the Boarder Wars contest series!! Make the trip, stash those points and take your chance at the $150 cash grand prize and a trip to Cali. 

Contest Details

The contest starts by having jam sessions to narrow the field down to the top 15. Once the top 15 have been chosen by the judges we start the next phase of the contest. It consists of 2 rounds:

Round 1 - Timed free run of the park.

Round 2 - Each contestant will get 3 trys on a designated section of the course(usually a stair set). Each round the judges rank 1-10 and the scores are added up.


Each skater will collect points for every contest they enter, but 1st - 15th place will receive more points for finishing top 15. So basically the more contests you enter the more chances you have to collect points. 


The Sovereign Sect of Alien Workshop Welcomes Sammy Montano


Ever since Alien Workshop made the move back to Dayton, Ohio to an abandoned nuclear bunker,  their all-star team of Ams has put out nothing but quality parts. 

AWS has done it again by adding the super stylish and creative Sammy Montano to the team. The Lomita, CA native rides for Sml Wheels and Liberty Boardshop. 

Check out his welcome to the team edit below. 


Grime Official's Rob Owens wants to take on the best of the Midwest

It seems like the Grime Official Mob Boss, Rob Owens, has won enough cash from unsuspecting skate park goers across the U.S. in games of S.K.A.T.E. I'm not going to lie, the first time I met Rob he took the only $5 in my wallet real quick. 

Now, the Milwaukee OG is calling out his opponents for his "Summer Hit List" via his Tony Eagle Instagram series.

His first opponent is none other than the Young Money affiliated, Andre Colbert. 

In the post, Owens offered Colbert to put up $100 for a best out of three on his home court, Four Season's Skate Park. 

Owens followed the post with, " I only want to play the best and I heard you said you could whoop me so bring me your "A game" if that's how you feel." 

Colbert commented later in the post by saying, "Hopefully, hella down to play you in some games of skate old man!"

Let's hope this goes down because it would be a hell of a lot more interesting than this years Battle at the Berrics.

Check out the Instagram post below. 

Finatik Presents: Boarder Wars Stop #3 @ Four Seasons Skatepark *RESULTS*
2017 Stops Announced: Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest Series

Love it or Hate it...the 2017 Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest is coming to a city near you!! The largest Am contest is in its 11th year and hitting 40 stops across the United States, Europe and Australia. 

The Berrics will be documenting the series as skaters from across the world get a shot to compete at the Zumiez Best Foot Forward finals in Encinitas, CA.  

There are plenty of stops across the Midwest:

-Penn Valley Skatepark: Kansas City, MO-May 23

-The Bay: Lincoln, NB- May 25

-3rd Lair: Minneapolis, MN- May 29

-4 Seasons Skatepark: Milwaukee, WI- June 1

-Grant Skate Plaza: Chicago, IL- June 3

-Skate Naked: Columbus, OH- June 7

-Ann Arbor Skatepark: Detroit, MI- June 10