Crusty Ledges and Hijinx: "Outworld" is Just a Taste for what Summer has to Offer

As mother nature has been consistent as a McDonald’s drive-thru in Milwaukee after Midnight, a summertime edit documenting the creativity, crust and crazy amount of talent the city has to offer is just what we need to brush off the last bit of winter blues.

Whether it’s the subtle bangers or occasional WTF moments, filmer and editor, Chase Hopper's Open Sesame channel and it's associates can wallie any and everything in their path. 

The 6 minute 21 seconds of raw footy is laced with  Milwaukee street spots, meme-worthy hijinx and a funky soundtrack with footy shot between June 25th-November 13th 2016. The edit was Filmed and Edited by Chase Hopper with assistance from Harald and Serpico. It was released on Vimeo and on March 24, 2017.

Skaters include: Payne, Vbomb, Juke, Sleepy, Hank, Alek, Chops, Black Paul, Tavis, Hetzel, Kevzong, Brick, Berget, Estababy, Ricknasty, Boyles.


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