His name is Juan Antonio, but call him Tony

Tony threads the needle during a summer Green Bay filming mission. Ollie.  Steve Latimer

Tony threads the needle during a summer Green Bay filming mission. Ollie. Steve Latimer

~ Dylan Deprey ~

After walking past two burnouts power-puffing Camel Crush's outside Joanne’s Skate Park on Green Bay’s Eastside, Tony Leon drops his board and gets to work.

While avoiding a slew of longboarders who seemed to have infiltrated the park, he throws together lines longer than anything Rick James has ever seen…and he wasn’t even warmed up.

What does Finatik’s Border Wars Stop #1 Contest winner Tony Leon do on his off days?

Eat Candy, talk shit and nonchalantly shred his local park.

Born Juan Antonio Leon Gonzalez, the 17-year-old old Green Bay native was ready for Mother Nature to stop playing, as threats of rain and snow were expected the following day.

Leon lapped around the park throwing down tricks with consistency and a natural steez, the same steez that helped etch his name into the top spot at Finatik’s Stop #1 held at Green Bay Action Sports Organization on March 25.

“I didn’t’ even skate for like two weeks before that,” Leon said. “I normally like to practice runs the day or two before.”

Though Leon wouldn’t consider himself a contest skater, his uncanny ability to Tre-Flip Noseslide a knee-high bump to ledge every try is kind of a no-brainer as to why he does.

“Contests are just fun man, I just like going big,” Leon said.

In true skaterat fashion, his contest winnings were spent within the first day.

“I needed shoes man,” Leon said laughing.

As for the other contests Leon said he would try his best to make it to them, but street skating was the priority once Mother Nature finally quits teasing us.

Check out his Grip Thumb GBASO edit filmed and edited by Andrew Snyder.

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