Grime Official's Rob Owens wants to take on the best of the Midwest

It seems like the Grime Official Mob Boss, Rob Owens, has won enough cash from unsuspecting skate park goers across the U.S. in games of S.K.A.T.E. I'm not going to lie, the first time I met Rob he took the only $5 in my wallet real quick. 

Now, the Milwaukee OG is calling out his opponents for his "Summer Hit List" via his Tony Eagle Instagram series.

His first opponent is none other than the Young Money affiliated, Andre Colbert. 

In the post, Owens offered Colbert to put up $100 for a best out of three on his home court, Four Season's Skate Park. 

Owens followed the post with, " I only want to play the best and I heard you said you could whoop me so bring me your "A game" if that's how you feel." 

Colbert commented later in the post by saying, "Hopefully, hella down to play you in some games of skate old man!"

Let's hope this goes down because it would be a hell of a lot more interesting than this years Battle at the Berrics.

Check out the Instagram post below.