GBASO Grabs its Clippers in Support for Executive Director


How do I even start...He was the guy that had a dream. He was the guy that convinced a ragtag group of skate rats to shovel Lambeau Field in promises of an indoor skate park. He got the same skaters to make the 4.5 hour trek from Green Bay to Cable, WI to tear down ramps and later reassemble them in a warehouse on Green Bay's West side. 

Brian Schroeder created a community for the Green Bay skateboard scene as the non-profit Green Bay Action Sports Organization (GBASO). As a father, he provided the youth a safe environment to learn a creative outlet. As a fellow skateboarder, it was an opportunity for skaters to grow in a city that constantly shut the door on any advancement in the sport.  

After three years, hours of footage and thousands of bails, GBASO couldn't need to be anymore of a family as Brian has been diagnosed with brain cancer. 

GBASO is going bald alongside its executive director for its GBALDSO Game of Skate event July 8, 2017. 

Whether you can show up to the park and skate or make a donation, the GBASO family would gladly welcome the support. 

For more information visit the Facebook event page at

Check out the most recent edit from local rippers by filmmaker Kris Suster. 

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