Neenah Skate Park Takes the Simple yet Effective Approach

A rendering for the new Neenah Skate Park. 

A rendering for the new Neenah Skate Park. 


For those that have never made the trip North on I-43 or I-41 in Wisconsin, the pockets of skate communities and their designated skateparks all have a unique culture. It's not the lurkers or the annoying ass scooter kids, but the skaters that literally skate every inch of a park over the short skate season. 

Whether its the the old pools converted into cement skateparks or the smattering of holy ramps and janky handrails, Neenah has finally accomplished what we've all been asking for...a simple street plaza.  

The City has replaced the wooden ramps with a smooth concrete slab. It almost feels like an episode of Oprah's favorite things, "You get a flat bar!! You get a buttery ledge!! You get a wavy ledge!! You get a gnarly brick quarterpipe!!" 

This is huge for Wisconsin's ever growing skate scene. Make a trip to the Valley to check out the newest addition.

Also, Make sure to check out the homies from OTC Skate Shop (Green Bay) and Surfin' Bird Skate Shop (Appleton) shredding the new Neenah setup below. 

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