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Corey Millet's "The Drought" Has you Thirsty for More!
Millet gets tech on an iconic LA spot. Nollie Heelflip Backside 50-50.

Millet gets tech on an iconic LA spot. Nollie Heelflip Backside 50-50.

Dylan Deprey

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 Lakes, but WHAT is in their water?!? It seems like every month or two, there's a new shredder coming out of MN. 

St. Paul native, Corey Millet, is no exception. He has lines for days, and whether he's backsmithing through kinked rails or doing effortless flip tricks over stair sets, the guy can skate!!

Millet has ditched the MN winters and is soaking up the California sun in his new "Drought" part released on Thrasher on April 8, 2017. 

Elliott Vecchia filmed and edited the part with additional filming by Tim Fulton, Su Yung Choi, Sam Barken, Tim Cisilino, James Messina, Blake Housenga and Timothy Olson. 

Millet is sponsored by JSLV, 3rd Lair Skatepark, eS', Sk8mafia (flow), according to Skate Park of Tampa. 

Give Corey Millet some love and check out,"The Drought." 

"I'm not high, Im just stupid"

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? I love watching all the Sky High guys skate. Local power house dudes like Nordness, Max and Sean never disappointment. 

Skaters: Drew Rickaby, Pat Murphy, Max Murphy, Sean Hanley, Nick Mistele, John Rockafellow, Pat Forster, Matt Nordness, Harald Reynolds, Vince Stranc, and Chase Hopper.

Filmed by : Josh Ellis

Cole Hosman, The Future

In January, the young Ripper Cole Hosman decided to drop this ridiculous video part.  We've been seeing this kid killing contest from Chicago to Milwaukee. Riding for sponsors like DC Shoes, Jerics Skate Shop, Sovrn, Eswic Clothing, Jessup, Spitfire Wheels, Regal Hardwear, Thunder Trucks , Cole is on a straight up mission! 

Wub Wheels Welcomes Peter Morris

It's new year, new team member for Michigan's Wub Wheels. The team added local Peter Morris to their evolving squad, and Peter already returned the favor by delivering a minute and a half of footage. The intro part was shot in January on the wet streets, with plenty of truck bashing, fast flip tricks, and a kickflip to no comply that will leave you questioning the laws of physics. Congratulations to Peter for getting in with a new sponsor! Check out his welcome part below:

Alex Gould Destroys Madison and Davenport

Iowa local Alex Gould has been on the come up for a little bit, but his latest full part is absolutely bananas. This past summer, he spent three months building up footage with filmer Alex Havey, making both his hometown and Madison, WI his playground in the process. The part has a little bit of everything from Alex; there's a combination of technical skating and big rails, flowing lines, and easily two or three tricks that could have been considered enders. Alex absolutely crushed it, and you can check out all of the gnarliness right here:

Bluetown Black And White

It may be the middle of winter, but the Bluetown boys decided to let some footage out of the vault with their Black And White edit, which recently appeared on The Berrics. Filmed and edited by Corey Henderson, the part features Marcus Sarsycki, Brad Bedolla, and Andy Patterson dropping hammers on some notorious Chicago spots. It may be colder out now, but this will get you hyped for summertime Chi in under three minutes:

Tanner VanVark's Unreal 3rd Lair Part

While some people are just getting their first clips of the summer, 3rd Lair skater Tanner VanVark recently dropped a full part, and the good people at Thrasher Magazine took notice. Complete with long grinds, some flip trick and manual technicality, and even a healthy slam or two, this is the real deal. Take a look at Tanner destroying the Twin Cities below. You'll want to stick around with this one to the end, as well. 

Dilemma Skateboards - Dilemma TV Vol. 1 Episode 1

Indiana's Dilemma Skateboards just released their first episode of Dilemma TV, and they're quick to show you that their team of Austin Curry, Dillon Brown, Dylan Fields, and Bailey Doolin can get clips in any park where they show up. The crew hits up Skate Naked Skatepark in Columbus, Ohio, as well as Peru, Indiana's park, and they head south to Phoenix, Amarillo, TX, and Tulsa, Oklahoma as well. This is only the first episode, and we can't wait to see what's coming from the team in Episode 2! Check out the footy here:

Jack Olson's "The Lair" Part

Jack Olson has been lucky enough to be sponsored by the Midwest skate legends at 3rd Lair Skatepark for quite some time. That being said, it's only right that he delivers an absolutely crazy part for their latest video, "The Lair". With a combination of incredible technical ability and the raw power that you see from his skating, Jack handles it all with ease. From a crook to crook on two benches to a gnarly boardslide down a huge handrail, he straight up kills it. Period.

You can purchase The Lair on DVD here.

The Friend Ship Get Creative

Never ones to shy away from truly creative skateboarding, The Friend Ship's most recent edit is full of any different way that you can contort a skateboard and end up riding away somehow. Featuring footage from Marcell Herd, Ethan Sontag, John Benton, Nick Sommer, Sergio Santoro, Ben Hess, Tim & Eric, T.J. Bohach, Dan Corrigan and John McGuir, this is an exhibition in the art of skateboarding. Think outside the box, kids. These guys did, and the end result is pure awesomeness.