Tim and Eric's Cool Secrets.

If you are looking for hammers and crazy tricks down very large objects, look away now. If you are looking for very creative and awesome skateboarding , sink your teeth into this. Tim Olson (owner of The Friendship Skateboards ) and his buddy Eric put out this amazing video via Roger Skateboards. Til this day its one of my favorites ! Get your pen and paper out kids, this is how the grown folks do it !


A Milwaukee skateboarding video. Filmed throughout 2014, premiered January 16 & 17 2015, and finally released on DVD March 2015.

Full parts by: Max Murphy, Nick Mistele, and Matt Nordness. Also featuring: Bradford Bishop, Brett Weinstein, Chase Hopper, Danny Stemper, Drew Rickaby, Drew Gricar, Eric Risser, Gabe Chan, Jacob Tyler Mumford, Jammin’ Jay, Jeff Chase, Jimmy Brickner, John McGuire, John Rockafellow, Kevin Wilkins, Mikey Al Wathiqui, Nathan Heilberger, Pat Murphy, Pat Forster, Sean Hanley, TJ Bohach, Tyler Westbrooks, and Vince Stranc.

Filmed and edited by Josh Ellis. Additional filming – Channing Sabir, Bradford Bishop, and Pat Forster.