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#WeTheMidwest Wednesdays: 5/11/16

It's finally warming up in the Midwest, and that means it's time to get back to the streets. And... with that, we're bringing back #WeTheMidwest Wednesdays! Simply tag your best clips on Instagram with #WeTheMidwest, and we might feature it on the site. For now, though, here's some gems that we've come across on the 'gram so far:

To kick things off, the Dilemma Skateboards crew out of Fort Wayne, Indiana isn't playing around. Check out Xavier King, Dylan Fields, Bailey Doolin, Dillon Brown, and Austin Curry getting some serious hops:

Billy Teska also gets down at Oak Creek Skatepark, complete with a clean bigspin front board on the flatbar. Way to make this line look easy, BIlly!

Rashaad Wells is back out at the Grant Park Skate Plaza (which is basically Midwest skateboarding heaven) and is already stacking clips for the summer. Check out some bangers here, and a serious head smack.

Speaking of Chicago, our own Carter Oeflein hit The Windy City recently, and I mean, come on. Look at that clean lipslide. Here's a couple of loose clips for you:

Warm ups ✨ add me on snapchat -> carteroeflein @esskateboarding @creamcity #skateboarding #chicago

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And finally, even though it wasn't tagged with #WeTheMidwest, how can we just ignore this monster 50-50 from Cody Davis. Like... stop it. Kid's too damn good.

#WeTheMidwest Wendesdays: November 18th, 2015

After a brief hiatus (these things happen), we're back with some of our favorite #WeTheMidwest clips from Instagram for your viewing pleasure. Don't forget to add the hashtag to your clips, and you may just be featured on the site next week! Let's get into it! (insert multiple fire emojis)

Billy Teska gets it going at Oak Creek Skatepark, fighting through hoodie season to get some technical ledge tricks down. Watch him switch it all up:

Speaking of switching it up, that boy Brad Bedolla just keeps getting better. Check out a new one with this Overcrook to Smith. So much footwork!

We're convinced that Nick Hams' last name is actually Hammers. In just 15 seconds, he jam packs six tricks into this clip. Even more if you count the individual tricks in each combo. We lost count. There's just a lot of tricks here, okay?

And then we have things like this that make #WeTheMidwest Wednesdays so awesome. Davidmichael Diederick is getting clips almost any time he steps in the park, but this double tre flip to flat is pure Gwen Stefani bananas.

And to close it out, Carter Oeflein is just out here cruising Cream City Skatepark with his Tony Hawk Pro Skater special meter on. Here's a half cab noseslide sex change backside tailslide big spin out. There's ten words in that trick description. It takes you longer to read it than it does to watch the trick. That boy is too good!