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Cole Hosman, The Future

In January, the young Ripper Cole Hosman decided to drop this ridiculous video part.  We've been seeing this kid killing contest from Chicago to Milwaukee. Riding for sponsors like DC Shoes, Jerics Skate Shop, Sovrn, Eswic Clothing, Jessup, Spitfire Wheels, Regal Hardwear, Thunder Trucks , Cole is on a straight up mission! 

#WeTheMidwest Wednesdays: 6/1/2016

We're into June, which means prime outdoor spot time in the Midwest. We only have a few weeks of summer to really enjoy it all, so get out there and get those clips! When you do, make sure you tag them on Instagram with #WeTheMidwest, so that we can find them. Every week, we share our favorites here on the site. Check out this week's pile of clips:

We're kicking things off this week with Ricco Porter, who went absolutely hammer on this gap like it was nothing:

The next clip is from Element, who showcased just some of the gnarly skating that went down in Chicago for their Make It Count Contest. I mean, just look at this and tell me it doesn't deserve to be featured. Exactly.

The #elementmakeitcount in Chicago, IL is heating up! Stay tuned to see who wins! @elementmakeitcount

A video posted by Element Brand (@elementbrand) on

Nothing is off limits for skaters, and for Josh Lardinois, that means your roof is fair game too. Check out the skylight corner cut as he turns a drop in from a roof into a line. Bonkers.

@Surfsteve is always up to something. This time, he's getting it in at the parking garage, with a no comply to hill bomb that looks too fun. Check it out:

Finally, SoundSet Festival is known for an abundance of drops, mostly beats. Familia Skateshop brought a setup out to the festival, however, and Ricky Nunn felt compelled to drop something of his own. Check out this hammer 360 flip!

#WeTheMidwest Wednesdays: 5/25/16

It's Wednesday, and that means we're thumbing our way through the 'gram for some clips to feature in #WeTheMidwest Wednesday. Don't forget to tag your Insta clips with #WeTheMidwest, and you just might catch them up here on the site! Ok, enough talking. Let's get gnarly.

We're kicking things off with Nick Vanderwielen, who we featured last week, but then he went all Daewon on this ledge, and I mean, come on guys. Just take a look at these clips and tell me this isn't feature-worthy. Way to get after it, Nick!

We have another clip from Asher Covillion for this week as well. Two reasons: 1) the meaty slam he took at the beginning of this, and 2) the ollie over / donation to the homeless man's sign. It's all in good fun, and that's the spirit of skateboarding. 

Now let's take things to Indiana, where longboarders aside, Aaron Christopher handles his business with a couple quick park clips. Check out some of these bangers, and no, we don't mean the rock n' roll to disaster by longboard guy.

This guy and I just having a grand old time having the park to ourselves 👬

A video posted by Aaron Christopher (@chlemmington) on

Meanwhile, up at Familia's Headquarters in the Twin Cities, Tabari Cook is just out here assaulting benches. He makes these five clips look way too easy. Good thing they turned that kid pro. 

@FamiliaHQ Bench mission.⚫️ 🎥 @peterthejones #FamiliaSkateshop #FamiliaHQ #Minneapolis

A video posted by Tabari Cook (@tabaricook) on

And finally, we take it to Milwaukee, where Owen Liban handled his business at Estabrook Park. Watching Owen fly over the bumps is like watching Spud Webb dunk; you don't really know how it's physically possible, but it's majestic to watch him fly through the air like that. Way to get those clips, Owen!

thanks for filming almos 💕 @almos11 @welcomeskateboards @orbswheels @sk8rat @drinkarizonaskate

A video posted by owen liban (@owen_stfg) on

Don't forget to tag your clips with #WeTheMidwest! We're sure there's a lot of hammers going down that we're missing, so don't miss your chance to shine on the site!

#WeTheMidwest Wednesdays: 5/11/16

It's finally warming up in the Midwest, and that means it's time to get back to the streets. And... with that, we're bringing back #WeTheMidwest Wednesdays! Simply tag your best clips on Instagram with #WeTheMidwest, and we might feature it on the site. For now, though, here's some gems that we've come across on the 'gram so far:

To kick things off, the Dilemma Skateboards crew out of Fort Wayne, Indiana isn't playing around. Check out Xavier King, Dylan Fields, Bailey Doolin, Dillon Brown, and Austin Curry getting some serious hops:

Billy Teska also gets down at Oak Creek Skatepark, complete with a clean bigspin front board on the flatbar. Way to make this line look easy, BIlly!

Rashaad Wells is back out at the Grant Park Skate Plaza (which is basically Midwest skateboarding heaven) and is already stacking clips for the summer. Check out some bangers here, and a serious head smack.

Speaking of Chicago, our own Carter Oeflein hit The Windy City recently, and I mean, come on. Look at that clean lipslide. Here's a couple of loose clips for you:

Warm ups ✨ add me on snapchat -> carteroeflein @esskateboarding @creamcity #skateboarding #chicago

A video posted by Carter Oeflein (@coeflein) on

And finally, even though it wasn't tagged with #WeTheMidwest, how can we just ignore this monster 50-50 from Cody Davis. Like... stop it. Kid's too damn good.

All City Showdown Chicago 2015

If you have never experienced ACSC I feel bad for you. Its one of the most fun, grueling ,exciting, wearing on your body, spontaneous events I've been to.  If you don't know what ACSC is, its Converse and Uprise coming together to allow skaters to put together a 3 man team that has 8 hours to film as much as they can through the Chicago streets. The team hands in their footage and Converse's editing team goes to work.  Its about about 11k in cash prizes ups for grabs. The viewing party information is above. This is going to be epic !

Watch last years 1st Place Sky High , 2nd #31 , 3rd Danger Zone , 4th Bummer ---> All City Showdown Chicago

Side note : If anyone can teach me how to do the trick at 4:28 I'll give them $100.


708 Vol. 2 by Corey Henderson

NOW THIS IS CHICAGO SKATING !! Corey Henderson who runs Segatron Media released 708 Vol 2 yesterday and it has some of the most OG chicago skaters showing up and showing out. I love seeing things like this. This is everything #WETHEMIDWEST is about. This is well worth the 60+ minutes of raw street footage.

Filmed by : Corey Henderson

Featured Skateboarders : Brad Bedolla,Navarre Brown,Timmy Johnson ,Emmet Duffy ,Jorgy Rodrigeuez, Tariyan Knighten ,Nelson Arroyo ,Jake Hedrich ,Derek Aoosta,Chris Dotson,Justis Walton,Dewey Chandler ,Coleman Edwards,Matt Tiffin,Nick Bezinovich,Danny Bezinovich,Abe Zverow,Julian Izaguirre,Abe Zverow,Gerardo Mendoza,Josh Elvidge,Kalen Hawkins,Brett Weinstein,Steffen Watts,Scotty Brooke,Gus Federici,Edgar Armenta,Mike Battista,Dave Rodriguez,Colin commito, D.J brown and many more.


#WeTheMidwest Wednesdays: October 14th, 2015

From the depths of Instagram, we've brought back #WeTheMidwest Wednesdays! We've scoured your clips with the hashtag #WeTheMidwest, and will showcase some of our favorites every week in the Midwest Spotlight. If you're bringing the fire to the 'Gram, simply tag your best stuff with #WeTheMidwest, and maybe you'll see it here next week!

Here's some of our favorites so far:

Nick Scannell had no problem with this impromtu Euro gap at Four Seasons Skatepark, as seen here by the tre bomb up the gap and bigspin back down. 'Atta boy, Nick!

Ricco Porter handles his business at Joannes Skatepark in Green Bay, WI with this kickflip, heelflip, and hardflip down the gap and over the rail.

Speaking of Joannes Skatepark, @SurfSteve got it in with this gnarly no comply up the stair set. It was a battle, but that makes the payoff even sweeter when you roll away. Way to get it, Steve!

Now... let's get into some hammers. Alex Perkins is getting extra technical with some 360 Hardflips. Absolutely ridiculous.

Trying to get this trick a little better #skateboarding #metrogrammed #wethemidwest #360hardflip 🎥 @av.rx.yy

A video posted by Gohan (@alextimeperkins) on

And we have Crime Lab team member Brad Bedolla doing what he does best at Chicago's Grant Park plaza. Sit back and enjoy.

Gallery: SLS Nike SB Super Crown - Chicago, IL

The 2015 Street League season culminated in Chicago with the SLS Nike SB Super Crown contest at UIC Pavilion, and it did not disappoint in terms of great skating. The first ever women's Street League event also took place, with Leticia Bufoni bringing home the inaugural win. Vanessa Torres came very close in second, with a first try frontside boardslide on her final trick attempt, and young gun Alana Smith took home third with signs of promise for a great skate career to come. On the men's side, rookie Kelvin Hoefler came up huge, winning the contest and $200,000 on his last trick of the day. Nyjah Huston narrowly missed the 200K, taking second, and Luan Oliveira took third. Cody McEntire also took home a giant diamond from the Diamond Best Trick after the main contest. Check out our photos from practice and the day of the contest.

Photos by Allen Halas

Street League: Chicago Preview

On October 4th, the Street League Nike SB Super Crown World Championship invades the UIC Pavilion in Chicago. All the heavy hitters will be there, including Nyjah Huston, Paul Rodriguez, Chris Cole, Shane O'Neill, current points leader Luan Oliveira, and of course hometown hero Chaz Ortiz. It's anybody's event, of course, and everyone in the field has a chance to walk away with the championship.

On the women's side, standout pros like Leticia Bufoni, Lacey Baker, and Vanessa Torres will be hitting the course at the UIC Pavilion, and you can guarantee they'll be throwing down just as many hammers as the boys. It all makes for a jam-packed day full of skating, and definitely worth the price of admission.

Here's the full rundown, according to the Street League website:

9:00 AM- 7:00 PM Arena Box Office Open
11:00 AM Outdoor Expo Open to Public (in Lot 1B across the street from the arena)
1:15 PM Arena Doors Open
1:15 PM- 1:45 PM Women’s Pro Practice Session
1:45 PM- 3:00 PM SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship: Women’s Division
(live webcast @ 1:45pm, intros @ 1:55PM, comp @ 2PM)
3:00 PM- 4:00 PM Intermission / Fan Entertainment
3:15 PM- 3:55 PM SLS Pro Practice Session
4:00 PM- 6:00 PM SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship
(live on: FOX Sports 1, Fox Sports GO mobile app, international webcast)
6:05 PM- 6:20 PM #DIAMONDBESTTRICK presented by Diamond Supply Co (live webcast)

Tickets can be purchased here via Ticketmaster.