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#WeTheMidwest Wednesdays: 6/1/2016

We're into June, which means prime outdoor spot time in the Midwest. We only have a few weeks of summer to really enjoy it all, so get out there and get those clips! When you do, make sure you tag them on Instagram with #WeTheMidwest, so that we can find them. Every week, we share our favorites here on the site. Check out this week's pile of clips:

We're kicking things off this week with Ricco Porter, who went absolutely hammer on this gap like it was nothing:

The next clip is from Element, who showcased just some of the gnarly skating that went down in Chicago for their Make It Count Contest. I mean, just look at this and tell me it doesn't deserve to be featured. Exactly.

The #elementmakeitcount in Chicago, IL is heating up! Stay tuned to see who wins! @elementmakeitcount

A video posted by Element Brand (@elementbrand) on

Nothing is off limits for skaters, and for Josh Lardinois, that means your roof is fair game too. Check out the skylight corner cut as he turns a drop in from a roof into a line. Bonkers.

@Surfsteve is always up to something. This time, he's getting it in at the parking garage, with a no comply to hill bomb that looks too fun. Check it out:

Finally, SoundSet Festival is known for an abundance of drops, mostly beats. Familia Skateshop brought a setup out to the festival, however, and Ricky Nunn felt compelled to drop something of his own. Check out this hammer 360 flip!

Tabari Cook turns Pro !!!

Remember that cat that was in the bag?  Well, Minnesota's own skateboard company "Send Help" ( turned Tabari Pro yesterday and we couldn't be more proud and happy for him.  Tabari Cook has been slaying every spot in Minnesota for years.  By popular belief, he's one of the nicest dudes on the planet.  This kid has a smile that will light up a room and tricks that will leave your jaw dropped. Congrats and much success!


If you have never seen Tabari skate, check out this stand out part in a video full of Minnesota's BEST.

Photo by : Yofaveblackguy

Filmed by : Tim Fulton