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Finatik Apparel Announces Boarder Wars

Hot off of the success of their Battle For Wisconsin League, Finatik Apparel recently announced that it is time to expand their competition by taking things south of the border; South of the Wisconsin border, that is. The Battle For Wisconsin League contest has now become Boarder Wars, which will feature stops in both Wisconsin and Illinois over the course of this spring and summer. The point system will remain the same, and this year the overall winner will get a trip out to California as the grand prize for a session with a filmer from Plan B. Here are the currently announced stops:

Stop 1: GBASO - March 25th

Stop 2: Fargo Skatepark - April 15th

Stop 3: Four Seasons Skatepark -  May 6th

Stop 4: Asylum Skatepark - May 28th

Stop 5: Appleton Skatepark - June 3rd

Stop 6: Janesville Skatepark - June 24th

Stop 7: Wauwatosa Skatepark - July 22nd

Check out Finatik Apparel's website for more information.

Battle For Wisconsin League - April Update

Finatik Apparel's Battle For Wisconsin League is one of the premier events in Wisconsin skateboarding. The company is known for going all out, giving out cash and other great prizes, including a trip to the grand prize winner. There's nothing really like it. With those types of prizes on the line, it creates an environment for some of the best skateboarding Wisconsin has to offer. Don't believe us? Well luckily for you filmer Vinnie Oestreich has some edits that you can check out. The April contests showcased some great skating at two of the state's more popular indoor parks, GBASO, and 4 Seasons Skatepark.

Wanna learn more about the contest? Visit the Finatik Website here

Check out the clips:

Trick Tip: Kickflip to Backside Smith with Marcus Sarsycki

You've got all winter to learn some new tricks, so why not bring that fire by the time the weather warms up next year? That's why we're bringing you a Crime Lab Trick Tip, this time with team member Marcus Sarsycki. Learn Kickflips to Backside Smith Grinds below. Yes, they're as hard as they look, but you can learn how to do them here. Hopefully one day you'll do them with as much style as Marcus has on his.

#WeTheMidwest Wednesdays: October 14th, 2015

From the depths of Instagram, we've brought back #WeTheMidwest Wednesdays! We've scoured your clips with the hashtag #WeTheMidwest, and will showcase some of our favorites every week in the Midwest Spotlight. If you're bringing the fire to the 'Gram, simply tag your best stuff with #WeTheMidwest, and maybe you'll see it here next week!

Here's some of our favorites so far:

Nick Scannell had no problem with this impromtu Euro gap at Four Seasons Skatepark, as seen here by the tre bomb up the gap and bigspin back down. 'Atta boy, Nick!

Ricco Porter handles his business at Joannes Skatepark in Green Bay, WI with this kickflip, heelflip, and hardflip down the gap and over the rail.

Speaking of Joannes Skatepark, @SurfSteve got it in with this gnarly no comply up the stair set. It was a battle, but that makes the payoff even sweeter when you roll away. Way to get it, Steve!

Now... let's get into some hammers. Alex Perkins is getting extra technical with some 360 Hardflips. Absolutely ridiculous.

Trying to get this trick a little better #skateboarding #metrogrammed #wethemidwest #360hardflip 🎥 @av.rx.yy

A video posted by Gohan (@alextimeperkins) on

And we have Crime Lab team member Brad Bedolla doing what he does best at Chicago's Grant Park plaza. Sit back and enjoy.