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#WeTheMidwest Wednesdays: October 21st, 2015

Welcome to the second week of #WeTheMidwest Wednesdays, where we take our favorite clips from your Instagrams and showcase them to the world. Remember to tag your clips with #WeTheMidwest and we'll check them out! Remember, they don't all have to be bangers, but if we like it a lot, it'll be here. Don't forget to follow Crime Lab on Instagram if you haven't done so, too. Without further ado, let's get into it:

Our first clip comes from Ethan (@threethanyou) who showed off some flip trick wizardry with some crazy No Comply flavor thrown in:

🚫comply #metrogrammed #skate @bnw_sktbrdng @surfinbirdskateshop

A video posted by ethan (@threethanyou) on

The Green Bay boys are about their business lately, too. Jake Szabo (@urbantarzan) knows whats up with this Taildrop and a Dumptruck into the loading dock, taking one for the team along the way:

Crime Lab's own Marcus Sarsycki got in on the action, with a clip of just an average session when he skates with John Methvin, Cody Cepeda, and Marfa Capodanno:

Fun sesh today w @codycepeda @marcus_sarsycki @marfa_capodanno

A video posted by John Methvin (@pimplogic) on

While we could've probably filled this whole section with footage from Volcom's Wild In The Parks contest that recently took place at The Berrics, we decided to limit it to just one, and Andrew Glaspy (@glassofpee)'s warm up footage is ridiculous, so that's the one we're going with:

And finally, we have to give an honorable mention to Max Murphy (@hankstagram) for this roller coaster 50-50 gap. If it's good enough for Thrasher's Skateline, it's probably good enough for us. You can watch it in Skateline below, too. Gary Rogers sums up our reaction.