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The Lair Video Premiere Promo

The screening for 3rd Lair's new 45 minute video will be at 7:30 pm, 12/30/15 at the Bell Museum
10 Church St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Skateboarders featured:
Cody Davis, Jack Lunt, Jonathan Reese, Tanner VanVark, Jack Olson, Tyler Thomas, Andrew Leibman, Gregg Clover, Timmy Johnson, Henry Gartland, Dan Coe, Ty Stigney, Corey Millett and many more

Additional footage:
LJ Dvorak
Tukkur VanVark

Copies will be available for 10 dollars after the show as well as with additional shipping costs.

The Berrics new recruit : Jack Olson

Minnesota born-and-raised, Jack Olson has been on an absolute tear lately. Over the last few years he has dominated Tampa Ams contest, had an INSANE part in REAL skateboards #throughandthrough team video, will be in 3rd Lairs new video part dropping next month, AND still found time to destroy the Berrics park in his recruitment video. This man clearly doesn't stop working and we won't stop supporting him.  Keep killing it brotha.

Tabari Cook turns Pro !!!

Remember that cat that was in the bag?  Well, Minnesota's own skateboard company "Send Help" ( turned Tabari Pro yesterday and we couldn't be more proud and happy for him.  Tabari Cook has been slaying every spot in Minnesota for years.  By popular belief, he's one of the nicest dudes on the planet.  This kid has a smile that will light up a room and tricks that will leave your jaw dropped. Congrats and much success!


If you have never seen Tabari skate, check out this stand out part in a video full of Minnesota's BEST.

Photo by : Yofaveblackguy

Filmed by : Tim Fulton