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"I'm not high, Im just stupid"

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? I love watching all the Sky High guys skate. Local power house dudes like Nordness, Max and Sean never disappointment. 

Skaters: Drew Rickaby, Pat Murphy, Max Murphy, Sean Hanley, Nick Mistele, John Rockafellow, Pat Forster, Matt Nordness, Harald Reynolds, Vince Stranc, and Chase Hopper.

Filmed by : Josh Ellis

Cole Hosman, The Future

In January, the young Ripper Cole Hosman decided to drop this ridiculous video part.  We've been seeing this kid killing contest from Chicago to Milwaukee. Riding for sponsors like DC Shoes, Jerics Skate Shop, Sovrn, Eswic Clothing, Jessup, Spitfire Wheels, Regal Hardwear, Thunder Trucks , Cole is on a straight up mission! 

#WeTheMidwest Wednesdays: 5/25/16

It's Wednesday, and that means we're thumbing our way through the 'gram for some clips to feature in #WeTheMidwest Wednesday. Don't forget to tag your Insta clips with #WeTheMidwest, and you just might catch them up here on the site! Ok, enough talking. Let's get gnarly.

We're kicking things off with Nick Vanderwielen, who we featured last week, but then he went all Daewon on this ledge, and I mean, come on guys. Just take a look at these clips and tell me this isn't feature-worthy. Way to get after it, Nick!

We have another clip from Asher Covillion for this week as well. Two reasons: 1) the meaty slam he took at the beginning of this, and 2) the ollie over / donation to the homeless man's sign. It's all in good fun, and that's the spirit of skateboarding. 

Now let's take things to Indiana, where longboarders aside, Aaron Christopher handles his business with a couple quick park clips. Check out some of these bangers, and no, we don't mean the rock n' roll to disaster by longboard guy.

This guy and I just having a grand old time having the park to ourselves 👬

A video posted by Aaron Christopher (@chlemmington) on

Meanwhile, up at Familia's Headquarters in the Twin Cities, Tabari Cook is just out here assaulting benches. He makes these five clips look way too easy. Good thing they turned that kid pro. 

@FamiliaHQ Bench mission.⚫️ 🎥 @peterthejones #FamiliaSkateshop #FamiliaHQ #Minneapolis

A video posted by Tabari Cook (@tabaricook) on

And finally, we take it to Milwaukee, where Owen Liban handled his business at Estabrook Park. Watching Owen fly over the bumps is like watching Spud Webb dunk; you don't really know how it's physically possible, but it's majestic to watch him fly through the air like that. Way to get those clips, Owen!

thanks for filming almos 💕 @almos11 @welcomeskateboards @orbswheels @sk8rat @drinkarizonaskate

A video posted by owen liban (@owen_stfg) on

Don't forget to tag your clips with #WeTheMidwest! We're sure there's a lot of hammers going down that we're missing, so don't miss your chance to shine on the site!

#WeTheMidwest Wednesdays: October 14th, 2015

From the depths of Instagram, we've brought back #WeTheMidwest Wednesdays! We've scoured your clips with the hashtag #WeTheMidwest, and will showcase some of our favorites every week in the Midwest Spotlight. If you're bringing the fire to the 'Gram, simply tag your best stuff with #WeTheMidwest, and maybe you'll see it here next week!

Here's some of our favorites so far:

Nick Scannell had no problem with this impromtu Euro gap at Four Seasons Skatepark, as seen here by the tre bomb up the gap and bigspin back down. 'Atta boy, Nick!

Ricco Porter handles his business at Joannes Skatepark in Green Bay, WI with this kickflip, heelflip, and hardflip down the gap and over the rail.

Speaking of Joannes Skatepark, @SurfSteve got it in with this gnarly no comply up the stair set. It was a battle, but that makes the payoff even sweeter when you roll away. Way to get it, Steve!

Now... let's get into some hammers. Alex Perkins is getting extra technical with some 360 Hardflips. Absolutely ridiculous.

Trying to get this trick a little better #skateboarding #metrogrammed #wethemidwest #360hardflip 🎥 @av.rx.yy

A video posted by Gohan (@alextimeperkins) on

And we have Crime Lab team member Brad Bedolla doing what he does best at Chicago's Grant Park plaza. Sit back and enjoy.