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Corey Millet's "The Drought" Has you Thirsty for More!
Millet gets tech on an iconic LA spot. Nollie Heelflip Backside 50-50.

Millet gets tech on an iconic LA spot. Nollie Heelflip Backside 50-50.

Dylan Deprey

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 Lakes, but WHAT is in their water?!? It seems like every month or two, there's a new shredder coming out of MN. 

St. Paul native, Corey Millet, is no exception. He has lines for days, and whether he's backsmithing through kinked rails or doing effortless flip tricks over stair sets, the guy can skate!!

Millet has ditched the MN winters and is soaking up the California sun in his new "Drought" part released on Thrasher on April 8, 2017. 

Elliott Vecchia filmed and edited the part with additional filming by Tim Fulton, Su Yung Choi, Sam Barken, Tim Cisilino, James Messina, Blake Housenga and Timothy Olson. 

Millet is sponsored by JSLV, 3rd Lair Skatepark, eS', Sk8mafia (flow), according to Skate Park of Tampa. 

Give Corey Millet some love and check out,"The Drought." 

Summer X Games Coming to Minneapolis for 2017 and 2018

The action sports world will be converging on Minneapolis, MN this summer and next, as it was recently announced that the 2017 and 2018 Summer X Games will be held at the recently opened US Bank Stadium, the current home of the Minnesota Vikings. Summer X will be the first multi-day event to be held at the stadium, with events taking place inside and outside at the adjacent Medtronic Plaza, and Downtown East Commons. From a skateboarding perspective, events like Skateboard Big Air and possibly Skateboard Vert will likely take place in US Bank Stadium, and Skateboard Real Street would probably find its home at the plaza. The exact schedule has yet to be released, but events will be taking place from July 13-16 this year, and July 19-22 in 2018. Click here to read the full press release from ESPN.

Tanner VanVark's Unreal 3rd Lair Part

While some people are just getting their first clips of the summer, 3rd Lair skater Tanner VanVark recently dropped a full part, and the good people at Thrasher Magazine took notice. Complete with long grinds, some flip trick and manual technicality, and even a healthy slam or two, this is the real deal. Take a look at Tanner destroying the Twin Cities below. You'll want to stick around with this one to the end, as well. 

#WeTheMidwest Wednesdays: 5/25/16

It's Wednesday, and that means we're thumbing our way through the 'gram for some clips to feature in #WeTheMidwest Wednesday. Don't forget to tag your Insta clips with #WeTheMidwest, and you just might catch them up here on the site! Ok, enough talking. Let's get gnarly.

We're kicking things off with Nick Vanderwielen, who we featured last week, but then he went all Daewon on this ledge, and I mean, come on guys. Just take a look at these clips and tell me this isn't feature-worthy. Way to get after it, Nick!

We have another clip from Asher Covillion for this week as well. Two reasons: 1) the meaty slam he took at the beginning of this, and 2) the ollie over / donation to the homeless man's sign. It's all in good fun, and that's the spirit of skateboarding. 

Now let's take things to Indiana, where longboarders aside, Aaron Christopher handles his business with a couple quick park clips. Check out some of these bangers, and no, we don't mean the rock n' roll to disaster by longboard guy.

This guy and I just having a grand old time having the park to ourselves 👬

A video posted by Aaron Christopher (@chlemmington) on

Meanwhile, up at Familia's Headquarters in the Twin Cities, Tabari Cook is just out here assaulting benches. He makes these five clips look way too easy. Good thing they turned that kid pro. 

@FamiliaHQ Bench mission.⚫️ 🎥 @peterthejones #FamiliaSkateshop #FamiliaHQ #Minneapolis

A video posted by Tabari Cook (@tabaricook) on

And finally, we take it to Milwaukee, where Owen Liban handled his business at Estabrook Park. Watching Owen fly over the bumps is like watching Spud Webb dunk; you don't really know how it's physically possible, but it's majestic to watch him fly through the air like that. Way to get those clips, Owen!

thanks for filming almos 💕 @almos11 @welcomeskateboards @orbswheels @sk8rat @drinkarizonaskate

A video posted by owen liban (@owen_stfg) on

Don't forget to tag your clips with #WeTheMidwest! We're sure there's a lot of hammers going down that we're missing, so don't miss your chance to shine on the site!

#WeTheMidwest Wednesdays: 5/11/16

It's finally warming up in the Midwest, and that means it's time to get back to the streets. And... with that, we're bringing back #WeTheMidwest Wednesdays! Simply tag your best clips on Instagram with #WeTheMidwest, and we might feature it on the site. For now, though, here's some gems that we've come across on the 'gram so far:

To kick things off, the Dilemma Skateboards crew out of Fort Wayne, Indiana isn't playing around. Check out Xavier King, Dylan Fields, Bailey Doolin, Dillon Brown, and Austin Curry getting some serious hops:

Billy Teska also gets down at Oak Creek Skatepark, complete with a clean bigspin front board on the flatbar. Way to make this line look easy, BIlly!

Rashaad Wells is back out at the Grant Park Skate Plaza (which is basically Midwest skateboarding heaven) and is already stacking clips for the summer. Check out some bangers here, and a serious head smack.

Speaking of Chicago, our own Carter Oeflein hit The Windy City recently, and I mean, come on. Look at that clean lipslide. Here's a couple of loose clips for you:

Warm ups ✨ add me on snapchat -> carteroeflein @esskateboarding @creamcity #skateboarding #chicago

A video posted by Carter Oeflein (@coeflein) on

And finally, even though it wasn't tagged with #WeTheMidwest, how can we just ignore this monster 50-50 from Cody Davis. Like... stop it. Kid's too damn good.